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Why should your office have better temperature control and air quality than your own home? It's a question often posed here at Accent, and one to which we have the perfect answer. Because with our expertise and experience, you can have simple to operate, efficient air-conditioning installed, hassle free at home too. 

So much more than just temperature control


With a range of systems available to suit any requirement and budget, Accent give you complete control of your home environment. Our advanced climate control packages deliver total temperature regulation, ensuring you're always cool in the summer heat, and they can even help with heating in the cooler months. 

Highly efficient, these low energy consumption option units are powerful, yet virtually noiseless. Plus they're aesthetically designed to be discreet, unobtrusive, and even available in a range of colours to suit your interior decor. With the easy to control settings, you can even programme them over your wifi network to deliver your ideal temperature before you even get up in the morning

Sophisticated air filtering means that you benefit from more than just temperature control - you'll enjoy better air quality. Accent home air conditioning systems remove virtually all microscopic particles from the atmosphere, plus pollen, bacteria, dust, allergens and virus particles. Leaving cleaner, fresher air, ideal for asthma and hay fever sufferers. Moisture is removed to control air humidity and odours too are filtered away.


Designed to improve every room in your home

Accent has an equipment package to bring better temperature control and better air quality to your:

  • Kitchen

  • Home office

  • Sitting room

  • Bedroom

  • Garden room or conservatory

  • Workshop

  • Loft conversion 


Call the residential sales team for more information and to get a bespoke quotation.

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