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Plant Shut Down Guidance

Chillers and associated Plant

We would strongly advise that if any Chiller plant is to be shut down for an extended period during this government lock down that the incoming power remains on and that these steps are followed to minimise any disruption or possible issues once switched back on.

We would advise that if possible, the Unit be switched off locally at the units On/Off switch. If this is not possible it can be switched off via a On/Auto/Off switch located on Plantroom Control Panels or via the BMS.

We would advise that after any Chiller is switched off that all associated pumps are switched off. This could possibly include Chilled Primary and Secondary Pumps as well as Condenser Pumps and Cooling Towers. This can be done at a local On/Auto/Off switch located on Plantroom control panels.

Incoming power should remain on where possible to allow the units Oil Heater to remain operational during this shut down period.
Once this lock down period has ended and the time comes to reinstate the shut down plant I would advise to follow these steps.
We advise that all associated Plant is switched on first this will include Chilled Primary and Secondary Pumps, Condenser Pumps and Cooling Towers. Once all associated Pumps are operational, I would then switch the Chillers back on. Providing these steps are followed, the plant should run as normal.

Plant Shut Down Procedure

  • Switch off Chiller Locally via On/Off switch
  • Switch off locally associated pump sets (Chilled and Condenser)
  • Switch off Cooling Towers where applicable
  • Allow incoming power to remain on

Plant Reinstate Procedure

  • Switch on all associated Pump sets (Chilled and Condenser)
  • Switch on Cooling Towers where applicable
  • Switch Chiller On locally via On/Off switch

Plant Shut Down Guidance

VRV/VRF Systems & Split Systems (Excluding critical areas)

Where VRV/VRF/Split systems are being used for comfort cooling in unused spaces and require shutting down for an extended period of time we advise the following procedure.

DO NOT power down the system via the fused spurs or the outdoor unit isolators. This could lead to major communications issues upon the power being reinstated. With the power being left on the oil within the compressor sumps will stay warm ready for when the system is required for operation again.

If the system is not required for duty then we advise the schedule timer is either removed or switched off. This could be via a centralised controller or the BMS system dependant on control set up. The site engineer should be familiar with this however we can provide telephone support if required.

Where the system is controlled via local control only with no overriding central control the units will need to be turned off at the local controller.
If the local controller has a timer set up this will need to be noted and removed.

When the system requires reinstating all schedule timers will need to be enabled/programmed. Any systems without central control will require local controllers turning on. Following this we advise the systems and control are monitored by on site teams for any issues.

Plant Shut Down Procedure

  • Remove schedule timer from either central controller or BMS timeclock
  • Turn off local remote controllers
  • Allow incoming power to remain on

Plant Reinstate Procedure

  • Reinstate schedule timer to either central controller or BMS timeclock
  • Programme any local controller timers
  • Turn on local remote controllers
  • Monitor operation

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