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External service related engineering works

All external service related engineering works will be refined to support the following:

Essential Buildings
We must understand which buildings within our portfolio are classified as essential. Essential to us means, Emergency Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences/Pharma, Supermarkets and related manufacturing/distribution, data centres, transport (particularly freight), operational Government buildings & certain manufacturing plants which are producing essential equipment. We will be speaking with each and every client as we may be unaware of certain essential operations, but please let us know immediately if you feel your contract should be deemed essential as we’d like to discuss how we can deliver services for you to ensure you remain operational at all times.

Critical Equipment within Non-Essential Buildings
We plan to support reactive works across the board, PPM’s can be delivered at the special request of our clients.• Non-Critical Equipment within Non-Essential Buildings – If you feel you have heating/cooling equipment which would be usually classified as non-critical, but you feel now is the best time to deliver PPM & reactive works, please reach out to us and explain why and we will do our utmost to accommodate.

If there are people with no heating or hot water please reach out to us, to see if we can support further.

External installation related engineering works

All external installation related engineering works will be refined to support the following:

Construction sites
Following government guidance, at this stage sites remain open for installation, maintenance and plant replacement works; we have been speaking with each and every client as we may be unaware of certain essential operations.

We will be risk assessing prior to any client requested attendance, bolstered by a dynamic risk assessment on site by our employed staff and specialist supply chain – We are expecting the governments guidelines to be adhered on site regarding social distancing, welfare, cleanliness etc

We will continue to work if requested, and if safe for our attending engineers to do so; these conditions will be appraised continuously.

If conditions on site are not as stipulated by the government guidance we will postpone works for 3 weeks.

Everything we have stated is based on the latest government guidance. If we feel that we cannot safely adhere to guidance such as social distancing, hygiene etc within your contracts we will be instructing our people to leave site immediately for their safety and yours.

If anyone would like advice on how best to phase down plant and how to build a plan for bringing equipment back on line, please reach out to us.

We aim to provide updates on our position daily, in the meantime please let us know how you plan to operate through these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please call, email or send a message

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